I bought an expired Domain used on Cloudflares Website


Don’t worry! If you got redirected to this page you are probably looking for the Cloudflare DDNS Worker API demo. The new URL can be found in the official GitHub repository.

I was lurking through the Cloudflare workers projects while finding one with a linked domain that was expired. The Cloudflare DDNS Worker API page linked to the expired ddnslab.tech domain.

How did this happen?

Seems like the domain was not owned directly by Cloudflare but by the owner of the DDNSLAB GitHub repository. Why he has abandoned the domain is unclear. The demo is currently hosted on a subdomain. Most likely he let it expire because .tech domains are quite expensive to renew.

Is this a Security Risk?

Criminals could have used this to steal Cloudflare API tokens or keys. This would even fit in perfectly since you have to enter your API Token on the original demo page as well: DDNS Lab Demo Page


I will update this post if there are any interesting changes regarding this topic. The domain ddnslab.tech will expire in two years from the time of this post and I will properly not renew it. If you got redirected to this page and still made it this far I want to especially thank you for your time! :)